THE BEST ART EVER! is a guerrilla activist art project aimed at resisting the orange agenda. This project is a fundraiser for organizations on the front line doing the hard work of the resistance. 100% of the "sales" price of the originals are to be tax deductible donations made to 501c3 organizations such as the ACLU, The Union of Concerned Scientists, Planned Parenthood, The National Endowment of the Arts etc. The real intention of this project is to use art as a form of political resistance by examining this extraordinarily absurd and dangerous regime and rolling it up in a story telling PR campaign to raise Millions for the resistance. Please "buy" some work and fund the "rebel alliance" and claim a tax deduction. With proof of the donation I will donate the original artwork to the buyer/funder. Reproduction prints and products are also available for purchase. 50% of reproduction product sales will be donated to user selected organizations from this list of resistance organizations.

The original artworks are made out of ground up Cheetos cheese puffs and acrylic varnish and fake gold leafed lettering. The 20"x30" pieces are direct quotes. The 59"x59" showpiece The Best Art! I Guarantee It! reconfigures Agent Orange's language in the context of art to underscore the absurdity of his statements and reflect the bizarre and tenuous connection to reality of his message.

And no, I do not actually think Picasso was a fake or loser. Love him or not, Picasso was the consummate artist, producing an estimated 50,000 artworks and was one of the most successful artists in modern history. That statement underscores the absurdity of the utterings Agent Orange himself makes on a regular basis.