Sublime Noise began as an experiment to see if I could aestheticize digital noise to reveal a beauty not seen before. I found a visual texture that transfigured the literal to allow an expression of the sublime. To recognize the sublime is to recognize something larger that transcends human culture and what it means to be a human being.

The figurative form came to play a prominent place in my work because it represents the sublime as a mystical human experience where we transcend our biology. Are we material creatures having spiritual thoughts, or spiritual beings having a material experience? This paradox lies at the heart of what it really means to be a human and to find one’s self. I use the figure to provide an entry point for the viewer to find a personal connection with the sublime.

These images are created in unexceptional circumstances when I abandon my will over the image and surrender to the moment. This is when the sublime is revealed in the ordinary, which represents a state of being that I wish to achieve: a place where the noise of disunity is resolved into something beautiful, where all is one.



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