This Is Not Somewhere Else, 2022
photographic manipulation in 2 UV print layers on acrylic, resin
35 x 60 x 1 in
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Truth is right in front of us, but the constant interference of accusations of fake news and conspiracy theories blinds us. Propaganda is powerfully blinding to its audience, no matter the side. We become habituated to our ideological echo chambers and news silos, which leads us to believe that hoaxes abound. And nothing the other side hears or says has any validity, or they are lying, while ours speaks only THE truth. In this context, information from any news or government source that we do not like is no longer trustworthy. Truth is challenging to see in an atmosphere of so much noise and distrust. But it is right in front of us if we are willing and able to take the time to read through the propaganda fed to us by those who want to manipulate us and question our willingness to let them.

The underlying text is a sentence from an Adrienne Rich poem titled “What Kinds Of Times Are These?”



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