The Toxic Orange Agenda


The Toxic Orange Agenda is the current manifestation of a long term effort by a small but growing group of greedy affluent elites to turn the American public’s view of government sour in order to capitalize the use of government for their own selfish ends. Their purpose is to purchase influence with their awesome wealth in order to capitalize the function of government to serve their private interests. To understand this agenda, it is important to recognize that “government” is neither inherently good or bad. Government is just a tool of government which takes on the moral quality of those who use it. This toxic agenda seeks to convince people that government is inherently bad and untrustworthy in order destroy trust in democratic institutions. These elites seek to seize control of the tool to use it exclusively for themselves to increase their wealth and influence while reducing their own tax burden. They do this all while using their power to convince enough of our citizenry that they are being liberated from tyranny. Basically the goal is to gather enough power to dismantle the institutions which normally balance the needs of all members of society for their own selfish ends. It is an attack on what Madison called "a government dependent on the people alone."

The Toxic Orange Agenda is just the Trump flavor of this selfish agenda, but it is a mistake to believe that it is entirely his. Trump is just the orange tinted outrageous embodiment of this toxic agenda of calculation, domination and greed and he is blatantly and theatrically sowing the seeds of disunity and separation.

Trump is the orange smokescreen swirling in front of the effort to impose a trickle-down brand of tyranny bent on destroying the social contract that maintains the legitimacy of a capitalist democracy by balancing benefits for the many vs. the power and profit of the few. It would seem obvious that in the long term this is self destructive as it would jeopardize the affluent elites' position, but it would seem they are beyond caring. The American social contract strikes a balance by saying it is OK to be opulently wealthy, so long as most as possible Americans also benefit and we all recognize that it is worthy to protect those who have less from the avarice of those who have it all. Rather than wishing to raise up the lives of others around them, this tiny minority now seeks instead to jealously drive them down to feel secure in their dominion. This is essentially the agenda of shameless naked greed seeking to return us to a time when American democracy meant a government by and for a few rich white men who view their position as the elite with a sense of entitlement rather than gratitude and privilege. They have forgotten that with great fortune also comes great responsibility.

To resist it is to uphold the principles of American democracy and to fight for a government by and for the people. It is to remember that the power of this great nation has always lied in its inclusiveness and steady march toward equity and justice for all. The American social contract has been steadily evolving from the days of the American revolution ever reaching for the equal application of the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Either we find our strength in unity or we will suffer in separation. This project is my effort to participate.

If you are moved, please join this political art project to use art to support the organizations protecting our institutions and values by making a donation in lieu of a purchase for an original artwork or purchasing a reproduction product and select which organization(s) you want 50% of the price to be donated to.

Sol Hill, 2017