'Scapes is a collection of meditative landscape based images that play with the reduction of literal visual detail in order to celebrate a quiet reverie of time and place. We think we know because we see, but we mostly see what we already know. We only perceive the world as a kind of solid fixed experience, but material nature is fundamentally made of immaterial energies. To challenge this perception I use digital imaging technology to record the artifacts that are created by false exposure, which is caused by the interference of the sensor recording non-visible energies. These energies are divided into two categories; those endemic to the camera system such as the heat of the sensor and the electrons coursing through the circuitry.  The second is called cosmic noise, which is any energy outside the camera system that moves electrons down into the pixel ports. The result produces large abstracted and often minimal landscape images wherein the recognizable details of photography are replaced with visual details of produced by a myriad of energies that affect the image recorded.  This visual effect is, in effect a a record of the energetic nature of physical reality. These 'scapes thus become glimpses into the mysterious immaterial nature of physical place and offer a window into the vast wonder behind the veil of material perception.