Through the Barrel is an installation concept currently being engineered and budgeted. The installation is made of a large sculptural chamber that references a section of a gun barrel. The chamber is designed to contain a storm suspended cremation ash onto which images and video of people who have died of gun violence are projected. All of the visual imagery and video as well as the cremation ash will be donated by people who have lost loved ones to gun violence making the project an opt-in community effort. The chamber will be surrounded by black panels with white paint markers similar to blackboards to encourage visitors to respond to the installation by drawing or writing their reaction into the installation. This involvement underscores the purpose of the installation, which is to provide a contemplative space for a community to process the horror of a mass shooting and for everyone regardless of your position on gun politics to remember the human cost of gun violence and the increasing regularity of its appearance in our cultural landscape. My goal is to raise a pool of funds to allow the installation to be shipped and installed for free in communities that have experienced a mass shooting where an invitation and a venue are provided. The following are concept renderings of the chamber that allows us to look at the human cost of the unencumbered gun culture which implies that solutions can always be found through the barrel of the gun.

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