Metagraphs Artist Statement

I intentionally subvert the visual photographic record with artifacts that are endemic to digital imaging in order to reveal energies we normally do not see. We live in an energetic universe and are constantly in relationship with different forms of energy that affect us, but we don't realize it. We think we know because we see, but we really only see what we already know. Enduring truth is found not in its outward appearance, but within the relationship and coherence of energies connected both within and with those that surround us.

I call my work both Energy Paintings because it is a hybrid process, simultaneously photography and painting and yet neither, and Metagraphs because the artifacts I work with are records of energies inclusive of and beyond those of visible light. My work creates a fusion of the aesthetics and visual concerns of a painting with the technology, the aura of truth in the visual record and the time continuum dilemmas of (photo)graphy. The artifacts I work with, commonly called digital noise, are created on a digital sensor by the influence of energies other than light. These artifacts are both records of technological processes as well as that of “cosmic noise,” the energy signatures that pervade the cosmos, our planet, our built environment and our bodies. Thus the images transform themselves into a kind of hyper-vision showing aspects of reality we do not normally see, both metaphorically and literally. These records of unseen energies hint at the expansive nature of reality and the limitations of our capacity to perceive it.

My pieces are constructed from archival prints of digital photos on Japanese paper and/or photo transfers onto canvas or painter’s boards. Acrylic and varnishes are applied to the pieces to develop both surface texture and gesture in order to accentuate the ambiguity of the medium(s). I create a singular large artwork as well as a small edition series from each image. I take pleasure in uncertainty, for it offers room for discovery. I aim to stimulate wonder both about my process, my medium and their interpretation.

Sol Hill, 2016