Me as a young child growing up in La Cienega, a desert oasis outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo Credit: my aunt Mary, or "Mary Ant" as I called her in those days.

Me as a young child growing up in La Cienega, a desert oasis outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo Credit: my aunt Mary, or "Mary Ant" as I called her in those days.


I have been in one way or another surrounded by the arts my whole life. My parents were artists and opened the first contemporary art gallery in Santa Fe, NM. My early memories were of my parents in their studios and of Hill’s Gallery. The mysterious objects that pervaded the gallery intrigued me. Looking at those artworks felt like observing some secret alchemical language that I wanted to learn.

In college I studied International Affairs and German Studies at Lewis & Clark trying to “do something practical” as my parents wished. Afterward I built earthen and straw bale homes before co-founding Zen Stone Lighting, a lighting design company, with my wife, a former paper artist from Brazil.    

After an intense medical crisis, I dedicated myself to pursuing art full time. I earned an MFA in Photographic Arts at Brooks Institute and have been working full time as an artist since 2010 still seeking to decipher that alchemical language, or at least to invent my own.

My artistic practice is divided between working with contemporary digital imaging technology to create what I call Metagraphs, a mixed media hybrid blending the use of artifacts, generated by digital photographic technology's recording of energies other than light, with the aesthetic valuation of painting and by using art as a form of social activism through creating hard hitting social justice art installations with strong presence.

Curriculum Vitae

April 3, 1971
Albuquerque, NM


2010 | MFA | Summa Cum Laude
Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

1995 | BA | Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR
International Affairs & German Studies (double major)


2019: Solo
Inner Sublime | Hardin Center For Cultural Arts, Gadsden, AL
Metagraphs: Finding Signal from Noise | The Museum Of Arts & Science, Macon, GA (upcoming)
All Great Art Is Art About Art | Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA 
Metagraphs | Synergy Capital, Montecito, CA  

2019: Selected Group

2018: Solo (art fairs)
Metagraphs: The Best Art Ever! & All Great Art Is Art About Art | New York Art Expo, New York, NY
Metagraphs: All Great Art Is Art About Art | Art San Diego

2018: Selected Group
Funk Zone Showcase | Michael Kate Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
Urban Warp | Funk Zone Art Space, Santa Barbara, CA
Art Without Limits Artists | Wildling Museum, Solvang, CA 
Stepping Into The Unknown | Silo118, Santa Barbara, CA
Click 2 | by invitation Jan Ziegler curator at Michael Kate, Santa Barbara, CA
Exposed | Art At The JCC, Santa Barbara, CA

2017: Solo
Metagraphs | Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatham, NY

2017: Selected Group
Photography Expanded | California Center for the Arts, Escondido, CA
Photography Exhibition | Four Friends Gallery, Thousand Oaks, CA 
Stepping Into The Unknown | Silo118, Santa Barbara, CA

2016: Solo
Signal from Noise | Anacostia Art Center, Washington DC
Urban Noise | Artist Corner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Liquid Noise | Alchemy, Santa Barbara, CA

2016: Small Group
Currents in Photography | Wickiser Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

2015: Selected Group
Click | by invitation, Jan Ziegler, curator Michael Kate, Santa Barbara, CA
Chestnut | Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Head | by invitation, Dominick Lombardi, curator | Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Scapes | The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA
Shared Beauty is Not Enough | Ventura County Government Center, Ventura, CA
EYE | Montecito Aesthetic Institute, Montecito, CA
B/W | Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

2014: Solo
Suspicious Privacy | Wynwood Warehouse Art Project, Wynwood, Miami, Fl

2014: 2-3 Person
Signal from Noise | Leica Gallery, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Mist and Light | Adell McMillan Gallery at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

2013: Solo
Token Feminine | Calumet Gallery, Hollywood, Los Angeles CA

2013: Selected Group exhibitions
Unlimited | Studio Channel Island’s Art Center, Camarillo, CA
CA-101 Exhibition | AES Power Plant, Redondo Beach, CA
Words on the Printed Page | Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Art without Limits | Coming Out | Anyi Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2012: Solo
Token Feminine & other Urban Noise | Tool Room Gallery, Ventura CA

2012: Selected Group
Urban Landscapes | curated by Julia Dolan | The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Then and Now | Hill’s Gallery ReMix, Santa Fe, NM
Altered | Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO
Figure Fragments | curated by Priscilla Bender-Shore | Channing Peake Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
One Night Stand | by invitation | Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, CA
PhotoBasis | by invitation from Verne Stanford | Mill Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Abstract Expressions | Juried by Carl Chiarenza, (online) Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT
Red | Tool Room Gallery, Ventura, CA juried by Ricardo Rogdriguez   
WPGA Biennial International Exhibition | The Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Chile

2011: Solo
Everything is Prelude: Solo Exhibition & Collaboration with Dance Theater Production | Theater D, Santa Ynez, CA

2011: Selected Group
Multiple Exposures, one of a kind photographs | by invitation Christa Dix, Wall Space Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA   
After 8 | Juried by Glenn Rand, Valade Gallery at Adrian College, Adrian, MI
Dimension XXXIX | Juried by Ana Montoya, Art Center of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX
One Night Stand | by invitation, Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, CA
Energy | juried by Howard N. Fox, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana,  CA
Wonderland: Photographic Fantasies | Juried by Blue Mitchell, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury,  VT
Whose Self Portrait: The Subject Behind the Camera | Joy Wai Gallery, New York, NY

Art Residencies, Awards & Honors

Torpedo Factory | Artist in Residency, month of August, Alexandria, VA

ArtslanT | 3rd 2014 showcase winner: Abstract

ArtslanT | 4th 2013 showcase winner: Mixed Media category
IPA | International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention: Professional Fine Art Portfolio | Deeper Perspectives
IPA | International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention: Professional Fine Art Portfolio | Micro

ArtslanT | 6th 2012 showcase winner: photography category
IPA | International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention: Professional Fine Art Portfolio | Abstract
Los Angeles Artist Association | selected for membership
ARTslanT | 2nd 2012 showcase winner: abstract category
ARTslanT | 1st 2012 showcase winner: photography category

IPA | International Photography Awards, 4 Honorable Mentions: Professional Fine Art Abstract x2, Professional Fine Art Landscape,
Professional Fine Art-Other categories
WPGA Colour Competition, Honorable Mention
Dimension XXXIX best in show, Honorable Mention
WPGA Pollux Award, (awarded in 2011) First Prize, Student Abstract Portfolio, Honorable Mention for 2nd Portfolio, Best Abstract Single
Image, Finalist in Fine Art category

IPA | International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention: Non-Pro Fine Art-Abstract Portfolio

Publications & Press

2015 | Lumina Journal Vol. 14, Bronxville, NY
2014 | Urban Scenes, BLoW Photo Magazine Issue 10, Dublin, Ireland
2014 | Tarley, Phil. The Intangible Qualities of Life. FABRIK Magazine Issue 23, Los Angeles, CA
2014 | Hill, Sol. Signal from Noise, Blurb self published
2014 | Modern Photographers, All About, March
2011 | Stern, Katie | Photo 101 An Introduction to the Art of Photography | Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cenage Learning
2011 | Glenn Rand, Chris Broughton, Amanda Quintez-Fiedler | Capture: Digital Photography Essentials | Santa Barbara, CA: Rocky Nook
2010 | Hill, Sol | Sublime Noise | MFA Culminating Document, Brooks Institute

Lectures & Presentations

5/19/2012 | Brooks Institute MFA program | presentation on presentation and planning as a professional artist
5/21/2011 | Brooks Institute MFA program | lecture & presentation on the creative process & the evolution of bodies of work